This website is created to Celebrate the work of film director Andrzej Zulawski.
A cinematic maverick, barely known to mainstream audiences, Andrzej Zulawski
(pronounced: ahn'-jay zhoo-wahv'-ski) is, nevertheless, one of the most original

and daring modern filmmakers. His films are visionary, intense and overtly emotional.
The latter aspect often brings charges of hysteria, which Zulawski indignantly rejects.
"It's not just screaming whenever and whatever. It's more complicated than the
whispering in the films of Eric Rohmer. Possession , his most well known film, may

provoke puzzlement or outright rejection, but it's a good example of the director's
style, which is to alternate the delicate and the delirious, and of his permanent
ambition that his films will be a "sum of subdued surprises." And despite his constant
clashes with censorship, philistines and authorities of all kinds, he remains as

intransigent as thirty years ago. "To please the majority is the requirement of the
Planet Cinema. As far as I'm concerned, I don't make a concession to viewers, these
victims of life, who think that a film is made only for their enjoyment, and who know
nothing about their own existence." For him, to retreat would mean to become a

museum item. Information on Zulawski in English is scarce and often with a negative
slant. We hope this website brings greater appreciation to one  of cinema's forgotten

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